Happy weekend!! Where’s the time go?! Feels like we were literally just celebrating the ball dropping in time square, right? Now we are onto the unofficial start to Summer!

Look for BEAUTIFUL sunshine today and tomorrow. Both days will feature highs in the upper 60s. Pleasant. We keep the NE flow which helps stave off that wildfire smoke, good news. I think the majority of the weekend is nice and dry, but there IS an outside chance of a passing shower on Sunday AND Monday. Really comes down to how close that low to the south gets to us.

At the very least, bank on increased clouds to the south on those days. Temps will be incrementally warmer through the weekend. Next week looks toasty…some 80s poppin’ up?

Ocean temp is 62 – no thanks! I’ll jump in the pool. Rip current risk is HIGH and will remain high through the weekend due to the on-shore flow and storm to the south. Tidal flooding, at this point, doesn’t look like an issue.

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