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NorEasterNick with Dondero Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.

3 hours 29 minutes ago

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow the rain chances ramp up with multiple rounds of rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. Thursday our final round of rain will clear out during the evening and then we will see some nice and comfortable weather on the way for the weekend. Next week we will see another round of hot weather roll in.

NorEasterNick with Burlington Press :: Print & Marketing.

4 hours 28 minutes ago

Maybe a Few WEather-Related Delays

7.23 10PM
Tomorrow morning we could be seeing a few lingering storms, but even if the rain does clear out we will have wet roads. This could lead to a few slower spots and some extra traffic. Maybe leave the house a few minutes earlier.


NorEasterNick with Nesevich Law, LLC.

4 hours 58 minutes ago

Technically Cool, But Feeling Warm

7.23 9:30PM
Tomorrow we will technically be just a bit on the cooler side with the highs ending up just a few degrees below normal. That being said it will not be feeling cool. Dewpoints are going to peak in the mid-70s leading to a very warm and muggy feeling throughout the day.


NorEasterNick with Reich Asset Management, LLC.

5 hours 28 minutes ago

Better Rain Chances

7.23 9PM
Throughout the day tomorrow, we will see a better chance for rain. Multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms are expected as we track an approaching cold front. On the backside of that front, we'll see the rain chances plummet, allowing for a stunning weekend.


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