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NorEasterNick is at Christophers Organic Botanicals.

8 minutes 3 seconds ago

The importance of sunscreen!

As we get into the warmer months and head towards summer it is more important than ever to protect your skin - but did you know you should be wearing sun protection ALL year? Let’s talk about it in today’s blog, here!

NorEasterNick with Yeager Public Adjusting LLC..

38 minutes 1 second ago

Finally Warming Up

High pressure is in-charge, we've got a southwest flow that we will be tapping into. Region-wide (except the coast of course) 70s. Some middle to upper 70s possible with enough sun. We remain DRY today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Next chance of rain would be Thursday.

5.20 11AM


1 hour 8 minutes ago

Funky Air Stays WEST

Wildfire smoke has been making its way down into the lower 48...with the SOUTHWEST wind we have, most of this will be funneled AWAY from our backyards which is GOOD news. Now, as humidity and heat come up over the next couple days we will feel it a different way...but for now it looks like we are safe from the smoke.

5.20 10:30AM

NorEasterNick with Storybook Land.

1 hour 37 minutes ago

Humidity on the Climb!

Dew points will be coming up over the next few days as we tap into that southwest flow. Lower 60s Tue/Wed...Thursday could be swampy. Thursday is also the day we will see the arrival of a cold front that could spark some thunderstorms. The *potential* for some severe weather IS on the table...but that's ALL I know at the moment. Heavy downpours and gusty winds would be the primary concern.

5.20 10AM

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