We’re crossing our fingers for rain on Friday

The next chance for any significant rainfall will be late Friday into Saturday in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms. However there are a few problems: 1) It will NOT be a widespread rain, 2) and it will be in the form of heavy downpours, which we DO NOT need because it will run off and not soak into the ground.

Some locations across South Jersey ended up with NORMAL rainfall for the month of July, such as Atlantic City with 4 inches of rain. Our friends in Delmarva also had an appreciative amount of rain. However, 75 percent of New Jersey is experiencing drought conditions and we need an entire day of moderate or gentle rain that will soak into the ground.

While I know a lot of people are saying we need a tropical system, that honestly could be for the worse than for the better as usually tropical storms contain very heavy rainfall. Sure, it would help our rainfall deficit, but again, a lot of the water would run off and not soak into the ground.

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