Warming Right Back Up


And….. back again! A high-pressure system remains on top of us until tonight, causing temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s today, but that does not mean it won’t be a beautiful summer day. Dew points remain low today, so no muggy feel. Sunny skies with some clouds later in the afternoon with a slight breeze.

Clouds stay around through the nighttime, with temperatures beginning to rise, in the low 70s. A warm front will approach overnight, bringing some higher dew points as well—low winds and breezy.

Today’s temperatures, close to reaching 90 degrees.

Next Few Days

Tomorrow will be interesting for a few reasons: high temps, and severe weather. Temperatures will rise from the incoming warm front from the night before, increasing into the low in the mid-90s throughout the afternoon. Feels like temperatures could reach triple digits, and will be slightly windy.

There will be a moist, humid air mass in our area, which means dew points will be high. This, mixed with the south/southwesterly winds could cause some severe weather activity in the late afternoon to early evening, between 4 pm and 8 pm. However, this threat mainly affects North Jersey, but our area cannot rule anything out yet.

Tomorrow night will also have a chance for severe storms through early Thursday morning. Windy, with gusts around 20 mph. It will all clear before Thursday morning.

Tomorrow’s storms coming in, with chances of being severe.

Thursday will have lowering dew points and lowering temps as well from high pressure building, and the cold front moving out. Mild night, with a slight breeze and temperatures in the 60s.


Sea temps are trying to break through that 70-degree mark! Slowly but surely, we’ll see that break hopefully within the next 10 days. Regular winds today that will slowly ramp up by tonight to over 25 mph gusts. Small surf, between 1-2 ft waves. Winds expected to increase tomorrow with a small craft advisory expected. Storms also expected to be out at sea tomorrow and could bring strong winds and rougher seas by Thursday.

Low rip current warning for today.

Tropical Activity

Still not much going on in the Atlantic, but there is a group of small, disorganized storms to the southeast of the Caribbean Sea. Chance of formation is under 40% as of now.

Enjoy another beautiful summer day!

-Lexi Dooley

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