UK breaks record for highest temperature, airport runways buckle

This is NOT the norm in Britain. The temperature reached 40°C (104°F) Monday afternoon, and it caused A LOT of problems.

The extreme heat damaged runways at London’s Luton airport, forcing the airport to shut down for several hours. Trains were also canceled due to concerns that rails could buckle or catch fire.

The first ever extreme weather warning caused the government to close down and telework for the day. People were told to stay indoors or go to air-conditioned locations to beat the heat and drink plenty of water.

It is estimated that less than 5 percent across Britain have air conditioning, such as portable air units.

Speaking of 100-degree weather….

Temperatures are about to heat up BIG TIME across South Jersey and ALL of the Mid-Atlantic over the next several days. The thermometer could crack 100°F across many backyard thermometers (even some official airport readings) as we head later into the week. The heat index will reach 105 to 110 degrees! Stay cool, drink plenty of water, and protect the pets!

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