Why Wildfire Smoke Can Smell Like Plastic and the Health Hazards of Breathing It

Wildfires are natural disasters that wreak havoc not only on the environment but also on human health. A prominent concern surrounding wildfires is the smoke they produce. Many people have observed that, at times, this smoke can have an unusual aroma, reminiscent of burning plastic. Let’s explore why this might be the case and the […]

Why Wildfire Smoke Turns Our Skies Orange: The Science Behind the Spectacle

The beauty and allure of a clear, blue sky is undeniable, but on some occasions, the sky seems to shift from its customary azure to a vivid, almost surreal, orange. This spectacle can be mesmerizing, yet it also heralds a disconcerting event: wildfires. Wildfires, particularly in regions like the American West, Australia, and parts of […]

Tuesday Afternoon Forecast May 23rd, 2023

Milky sunshine continues today…air quality is definitely being impacted by the wildfires thousands of miles away. Weather-wise we approach 80 tomorrow…still watching the chance of some rain by the weekend. Details here.

Impacts of Distant Wildfires on Air Quality and Health: An Invisible Threat

Wildfires, a natural yet destructive event, have the power to rapidly consume vast landscapes, reshaping the environment and affecting air quality on a local and global scale. It may come as a surprise that even wildfires thousands of miles away can significantly impact the air we breathe and consequently our health. Indeed, wildfire smoke can […]

Understanding Elevated Fire Risk in New Jersey: The Roles of Wind and Low Humidity

Current Wind, Temp and Humidity Forecast: New Jersey, nicknamed the “Garden State,” is a beautiful region known for its lush landscapes and verdant expanses. However, like any other region with extensive vegetation, it is susceptible to wildfires, especially during periods of elevated winds and low humidity. With a changing climate, understanding the fire risk under […]