The Cape May Bubble: Unraveling the Unique Weather Phenomena of Cape May

Nestled at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, Cape May is known for its picturesque beaches, Victorian architecture, and a unique weather phenomenon often referred to as the “Cape May Bubble.” Residents and frequent visitors swear by this bubble’s existence, citing numerous instances where the weather in Cape May appears to diverge from the rest […]

How Accurate IS The 7 & 10 Day Forecast?

In my field I hear it to no end “You have the only job in the world where you can be wrong and still get paid yadda, yadda, yadda”. I think it’s weather apps that give us a bad name because of how much THEY change. Humans are pretty accurate, above 80%! How about the […]

The Curious Case of Central New Jersey: Real Place or Just a State of Mind?

Ah, New Jersey! The Garden State, a land of diners, boardwalks, and the eternal feud between North Jersey and South Jersey. Wait, did we forget something? Ah, yes—Central Jersey! The mythical, often disputed territory that has sparked many a debate, road rage, and even social media wars. Is Central New Jersey a real geographical entity, […]

Friday Daybreak Forecast April 19th, 2024

A VERY SIMILAR VIBE Today will be A LOT like yesterday. Generally cloudy and cool…perhaps a couple degrees above yesterday’s numbers. Scattered showers still possible, especially tonight into tomorrow morning. Your Saturday will turn out nice after a questionable start. Let’s chat about it, here!

Tuesday Daybreak Forecast March 25th, 2024

Happy Tuesday!! Tidal flooding expected later this morning…solid minor to low end moderate in places. Cloudy skies return but we are dry. Shower chance ticks back up by tomorrow. Let’s talk details, here! Brought to you by Platt’s Beach House Furnishings, your furniture store at the Jersey Shore. Make your decorating dreams a reality! For […]

Monday Lunchtime Forecast March 25th, 2024

MODERATE FLOODING TONIGHT This is something I’ve been concerned over for several days now. We are likely looking at 8 to 12″ of water in those back bay areas late this evening. Clouds work back in over the next couple days, some showers possible for the Phils Home Opener? Details here.

Monday Morning Forecast March 25th, 2024

TONS OF CHILLY SUNSHINE It’s still seasonably cool out there today even with the copious amounts of sun. Highs top out in the lower 50s, we keep that northeast breeze alive. Minor tidal flooding this morning, moderate expected tonight and tomorrow morning. Let’s dive into those details, here!

Understanding Solar Storms and Their Impact on Earth

Solar storms, a spectacular expression of the Sun’s activity, play a critical role in shaping our space weather. These storms, emanating from the Sun, send a barrage of solar particles and electromagnetic waves towards Earth, potentially affecting our planet’s magnetic field, atmosphere, and technological infrastructure. This article delves into the nature of solar storms, how […]

Friday Evening Forecast March 22nd, 2024

WHO’S READY FOR RAIN? Hey, gotta sound excited about something ’cause Mother Nature sure ain’t makin’ us happy, right? Unfortunately – yeah – tomorrow isn’t gonna be a nice day but we will get through it. 1 to 3″ of rain, gusty winds yadda yadda yadda. The thing that I AM a bit concerned about […]

Friday Lunchtime Forecast March 22nd, 2024

RAINY & WINDY SATURDAYLooking like a nasty day tomorrow so soak up what sun you see today. Tidal flooding is a concern but it looks like the highest tides will be AFTER the storm departs. Details here!