Tuesday Bedtime Forecast May 31st, 2023

Fog. That’s the story for tonight as the conditions line up just the right way. PLEASE be careful driving. Visibility could be reduced to under a mile overnight. Clouds clear for sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow. Let’s chat about that and take a look at the VERY toasty Friday forecast…here!

Tuesday Evening Forecast May 30th, 2023

Beautiful sunrise pic sent in by one of our viewers who is also celebrating her birthday!! Thanks Kim! Gorgeous day out there for the most part. More of the same tomorrow but we could be dealing with some fog through the first part of the morning. Details on that and a look at the 90 […]

Tuesday Afternoon Forecast May 30th, 2023

Pretty nice day out there without any issues…just a bit cooler than normal…but I don’t think most mind, right? We do get warmer as we trend towards 90 by the end of the week. Let’s chat about it, here!

Tuesday Daybreak Forecast May 30th, 2023

Good Morning! It’s back to work and school after a decent weekend – outside of a couple hiccups, I think we got through it just fine! We are cool today, gradually warmer through the week. 90 Friday? Details here!

Tuesday Lunchtime Forecast May 30th, 2023

Partly sunny skies, cooler temps in the lower 70s. We’ve got some clodus to the east, a little gusty at times. Temps warm a bit tomorrow and will continue to warm through the end of the week. Trending to 90? Details here!

Monday Daybreak Forecast May 29th, 2023

I hope everyone’s weekend has been full of fun and relaxation! Today will be very similar to yesterday. Upper 70s on the mainland, upper 60s at the beaches. Clouds, some sun…chance of a passing shower or two, better later in the day. Detail here!

Friday Bedtime Forecast May 26th, 2023

Clear skies overnight will lead to a lot of sunshine come tomorrow. Who’s ready? Beautiful looking Saturday on tap. We DO have a chance of clouds and a spotty shower or two during the second part of the weekend but no significant issues. Details here.

Friday Evening Forecast May 26th, 2023

Looking beautiful through the weekend. No big issues outside of some increased clouds Sun/Mon…a spotty shower can’t be ruled out but for the most part? Green light! Let’s talk about that, here!

Friday Morning Forecast May 26th, 2023

Clear skies will dominate today and tomorrow. There is an outside chance of a shower Sun/Mon but for the MOST part we’ve got a decent weekend. Plan to be outside! BIG warmup next week…some 90s possible? Details here!