Stormy pattern next week?

A huge ridge of high pressure will build across the Central and Southeastern United States next week. The latest model guidance shows that we will be north of the ridge. If you don’t like heat, that’s great news! However, this could potentially open the door for several rounds of thunderstorms to travel from the Northern Plains and Great Lakes and into the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Temeperatures will rise well into the 90s and possibly 100+ degrees across portions of the Central and Southeastern United States! This is the ACTUAL temperature and NOT the heat index. The heat index will likely surpass 105 degrees!

For our area (at least for now) it looks like the ridge could remain to our south. This could mean a cooler and very stormy pattern setting up for several days next week. If the ridge expands to the north, then we also get in on the heat, but the threat of thunderstorms will significantly decrease.

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