Quick-Moving Nor’Easter to Bring Rain, Wind & Tidal Flooding Tonight

First and foremost, I hope you all had an AMAZING holiday weekend…no matter if you celebrate one of the major holidays or not, I just wish you peace and the ability to relax 🙂 Man, I’ll tell ya, that Bobby Klark character forecasts a nice weekend and then walks away to leave me with our first coastal storm in awhile…sheesh!

Out the door it’s cold but temps will manage to climb – not a whole lot but we do manage to break the 50 degree mark me thinks. We are dry for now, but rain works in early afternoon and picks up in intensity for tonight. Winds pick up and tidal flooding will be seen up and down the coast.


-Light rain begins around 2pm
-Rain becomes steady to heavy between 5 and 7pm
-It will be a breezy day, but the strong winds (ESE 40-50mph) hold off until after dinner
-1-2″ can’t be ruled out
-Solid minor tidal flooding up and down the coast, could get to moderate levels, especially in the Cape.
-Storm pulls away around Midnight, improving conditions for Tuesday.


Our storm is still down to the south of our region. It will be a rapidly developing low as it moves to the north. By around 8pm tonight, the center should be going through southern Delmarva as the heavy rain spreads northward from the center. Until the actual low gets closer to us, I’m expecting rain to stay on the lighter side most of the afternoon, at least for SNJ. Could be some areas of steady to heavy rain for our friends in Eastern PA by 4-5pm.

Believe it or not this storm is also going to bring some SNOW, yes…measurable SNOW!!! To those WELL west of I-95 through portions of Central and Western PA. That nonsense stays AWAY from us…but still entertaining to see on a forecast map, right?

It’s going to be a windy day…nothing we can’t handle but you’ll notice winds tick up through the afternoon. Gusts 20-30mph likely by this afternoon and then the strong stuff moves in later on in the evening. Some gusts could exceed 50mph, mainly at the beaches. This is why I have a concern for tidal flooding. Solid minor likely up and down the coast, could get to moderate levels the farther south you go. There will definitely be water in the streets, so please take note and move your vehicles to higher ground!

Rain arrives early afternoon. Light at first, steady by mid afternoon, heavy by early evening. Worst part of the storm will be 7pm-12am. You don’t want to be out and about in it…roads will be slick! It pulls away after midnight and we improve our conditions.

This could very well be another gully washer. Some guidance is exceeding 2″… I think a good call is 1-2″. I think there will likely be a band that will house the highest totals just east of Philly.

Yes – it’s true…but when do we ever get out scot free in these situations? Like I said above in the summary, ALL DAY will be windy, but the STRONG stuff comes through tonight. Winds will be east/northeast as the storm climbs. Mainland gusts ESE 25-35, at the shore we could see ESE 40-50mph…strongest comes in between 6pm and 11pm. Some power outages are possible so prepare accordingly.

Bad timing. We’ve managed to escape tidal flooding several times this year…this time I think it’s unavoidable due to the recent full moon. Tide levels are already elevated. There WILL be water in the streets, especially in those low-laying areas. Portions of Cape May county could get into moderate levels. Here’s a link showing you the tide heights at various sites up and down the coast: https://norcast.tv/tides/

We currently have a Coastal Flood WARNING in effect for Cape May county, where the moderate flooding is more likely and an ADVISORY where minor flooding is expected, everywhere else.

Check back throughout the day I’ll have updates right here on the website – please do some navigating I’m confident you’ll find many of these features super helpful. Have a great day!!

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