Planetary ‘Parade’ Visible This Weekend

We’ve got something spectacular coming to the skies above this Saturday morning! Now…you WILL have to wake up super duper early, but if you’re a fan of this kinda stuff, it will be totally worth it. A rare phenomenon of planet parade will occur after 1,000 years due to favorable conditions. The planets will line up in the eastern sky around one hour before sunrise. 

Jupiter and Venus will appear as the brightest objects in the sky, which will be observable by the naked eye. The two planets will look like they are colliding. This is called a conjunction. In addition to Venus and Jupiter, a trio of other planets will be above our heads, now there IS a bit of a catch 22…they likely won’t be visible in cities…moreso in rural areas with a telescope.

Get out there, look up and soak in the beautiful scene. The weather should cooperate for us with clear skies.

Here’s what the event has looked like this week:

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