NorEasterNick Aims to Make a Difference with ‘Rainy Day Project’

There is a tremendous level of need in our community. Whether we want to believe it or not – it’s their and it needs to be acknowledged. I believe it is incumbent upon those of us who have the means to give a helping hand, to do just that.

I grew up with very little. Through my high school years I slept on the floor of my mother’s bedroom because there wasn’t any additional space and we lived on welfare / food stamps and government assistance, so I get it. I lived it. I know what it looks like first hand to have very little to nothing.

In building my business, a core goal of mine has been to give back whenever possible. The more successful we are, the more we can give back. I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. I am a true believer in paying it forward.

Several years ago, before I started my company and worked for local news, I wanted to make a difference in the life of one family for the holidays. I didn’t have much, but knew there were others with much less. My husband and I bought a turkey, sides and dessert and gave it to one family in need.

Seeing the smile on the faces of the people we delivered the food to was absolutely priceless. I knew at that moment that this was something I needed to continue. The next year we did the same, but opened it up to the public. We raised $5,000 and converted all that money to $100 ShopRite gift cards. The following year we raised $8,000 and were able to help 80 families.

It’s always been my vision to create a non-profit and build a fund to help people out of tough spots not only through the holidays, but all year long.

This year I pulled the trigger and started “NOREASTERNICK’S RAINY DAY PROJECT”. My goal is bigger than ever before and truly think it’s something we will be able to pull off. $25,000. With that money we could feed 250 families. It’s ambitious but given the level of support seen so far, I believe it’s obtainable.

At the end of the day no one will care about how many times I was right or wrong with the forecast, but about my community service. THAT is what I want to be remembered for above all else. I want to make a difference in any way I can.

I will be donating $1,000 for Thanksigivng and another $1,000 for Christmas. I would greatly appreciate if you have the means to, chip in. No amount is too small and it all goes to a good cause. Unlike many large non-profits, there is no middle man. $1 = $1. Your money goes directly to a family in its full value.

So far we’ve raised about $5,000 and it’s early in the season! I like where we are.

There are a few ways you can participate:

  1. Venmo / CashApp: @NorEasterNIck
  2. PayPal:
  3. Check payable to:

NorEasterNick’s Rainy Day Project, P.O. Box 216 113 Central Ave, Grenloch NJ 08032

Thank you so much for your continued support, and I look forward to making a difference, together.

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