Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected Friday and into the weekend

High pressure across New England and Ian moving into South Carolina on Friday will produce gusty easterly winds. Tides will build starting on Friday and continue into the weekend. Repeated minor to low-end moderate coastal flooding will be likely across coastal locations, with a storm surge of 1 to 2 feet expected.

Local Coastal Flooding Information

Minor flooding is likely at Cape May Habor on Friday with the potential for moderate flooding on Saturday. The flood stage is 6.2 feet and the current forecast calls for a water height close to 7 feet by Saturday afternoon.

Moving northward, minor flooding is also expected at Great Egg Harbor in Ocean City. The current flood stage is 5.3 feet and the current forecast calls for the highest water to rise to around 6 feet by early Saturday afternoon.

Wind gusts this weekend are expected to range 40 to 45 mph along the coast, which will help to pile up the water. Water inundation of 1 to 2 feet above ground level may cause local roads along the shore to close due to high water. Also, any low lying property, including homes or businesses may be at risk wit water inudation.

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