Locally heavy rain possible this evening

Whoever did the rain dance last night… keep dancing! Much of South Jersey saw a nice soaking rain last night. This was NOT modeled at all and rather unexpected. While it’s not enough to end the drought, every bit helps!

There is the threat of more rain this evening and going into tonight. There is a LOW TO MEDIUM (marginal to slight) THREAT for heavy rainfall across our region late today and continuing into tonight. A weak cold front will approach the area and fall apart. With a very juicy atmosphere, this will be enough to trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms, possibly producing locally heavy rainfall.

The “Precipitable Water” shows a very moist atmosphere at 2 to 3 inches! It’s almost like wringing out a sponge. That’s how moist and humid it is out there! A weak front would be just enough to trigger some showers and thunderstorms, with some thunderstorms producing very heavy rain that could lead to areas of flooding. Since our ground is dry, heavy rain is something we DO NOT need as it will run off and not seep into the ground.

The best chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms will come later this evening and into the overnight. Not everyone will see rain, with the greatest threat to the west. Again, what happened last night was NOT modeled, so that’s why I am a little concerned for tonight. We will watch the latest model guidance trends and keep you posted!

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