Heating Up For the Week!


Today will be the possible start to the episode of hot 90-degree weather that will last into next week, depending on your region. Little to no winds, and sunny with few clouds. Today will continue to stay dry because of the ridge aloft in our area and will increase at least a few more degrees than yesterday. Because of a south-southeasterly flow, dewpoints will also be slightly higher, meaning it will feel a bit more humid and stickier outside than yesterday. This is because winds from the south bring moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. However, dewpoints are quite low for the high temperatures, producing the feels like temperatures to be in the 95-99 degree range. The heat advisory will continue today, being mainly a low risk in the Philly and South Jersey area, but a moderate risk for north and west of the I95 corridor. Today will be less of a concern regarding excessive heat compared to the days ahead, but still be mindful! Make sure to stay hydrated! Calm winds will persist throughout the night, with some clouds as well. This should give a bit of a cool-off leading into tomorrow. 

Temperatures over the next few hours, reaching into the 90s.

The highest feels-like temperatures for today, which are highest closest to the city.

Next few days 

Temperatures will continue to climb throughout the week into the upper 90s by Friday and Saturday because of the high-pressure system that will be situated right on top of our area. Dry conditions remain consistent from the large-scale subsidence, or descending air in the atmosphere. There is a chance for a drop of the heat warning tomorrow because of the nighttime temperature drop in the 60s tonight which will give some relief for the following day. Wednesday night seems to be muggy but within the 60s. Thursday night will be slightly warmer and more humid, with temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s range. 


This week is a perfect week for the beach! Although the mainland may be hot, all of The Shore (AC and south) stay out of the excessive heat warning. What a great place to cool off, especially if you have off Juneteenth! Water temperatures start to warm into the summer season, entering the 70s. These temperatures are still considered cold, causing a possible sea breeze in the afternoons this week. It’ll be slightly windy on the beaches and back bays, however, with gusts reaching the 20-mph range. However, watch for rip currents today and tomorrow as southerly winds may produce a moderate risk. 

Look at the tropics 

The tropics are beginning to wake up, as a tropical storm may form along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. It is a small, low-impact tropical cyclone if it produces, and will not affect our area at all. However, this could be a sign of what is to come, as it is predicted we will have a very active hurricane season this year! 

-Lexi Dooley 6/18

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