Heading into the Wave


Here we go… Hot temperatures persist today with highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s, depending on your area. This is because of what is called a ridge occurring in the upper and mid-levels of the atmosphere, which is essentially an area with high atmospheric pressure. This ridge is approaching South Jersey, while the surface high-pressure system stays off the coast. This is what is causing our excessive heat over the next few days. Thankfully, feels-like temperatures will be similar to actual temperatures today because of dewpoint similarity.

Widespread subsidence, or descending air, continues, causing little to no precipitation. Models have shown a slight decrease in temperatures for today, but the heat advisory will remain in effect, so keep hydrating and be aware!

Tonight has a chance of radiational cooling, which means temperatures could go down a good amount, maybe into the low 60s. This will cause some relief for tomorrow as well.

The hottest feels like temperatures for today, mainly staying in the upper 80s.

Next Few Days

The ridge that we mentioned before will be situated right on top of us from tonight into tomorrow night. A shortwave impulse, which is a kink in the ridge and typically produces storms, will have the chance of causing some rain showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon to evening tomorrow. Although, they will probably dissipate before reaching the area. There is also a chance that the excessive heat watch might turn into a heat advisory if feels-like temperatures get high enough. Humidity is also expected to increase as well. Watch out for Friday for sure!

Low winds and little to no clouds are expected for tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Nighttime patterns will stay the same, with lows in the upper 60s to low 70s.

As for the future of the heat warnings and advisories, there is some uncertainty in models right now about where exactly the frontal boundary will be. A frontal boundary is the location between two air masses of hot and cold air. This is important because it will be the deciding factor of how extreme the heat will be. Out of safety, the heat advisory will remain in effect until Sunday as the models continue to be monitored.


Again, what a great week to go to the beach and cool off! The Shore stays clear of all heat warnings and advisories, with winds ranging between 10 mph-20 mph and 2-3 ft waves. Winds are out of the south/southwest, and there is a good chance for a sea breeze.

It is important to add that rip currents are currently at alow risk, but will possibly turn to moderate for the next few days. Listen to your lifeguards, and don’t venture too far out!

Look at the Tropics

The same tropical storm is progressing in the Gulf and will make landfall today and into tomorrow. Once again, this will not affect us at all! There is also a low chance of a storm producing a couple hundred miles off the coast of the Bahamas.

Enjoy your day!

-Lexi Dooley

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