Dear, Mother Nature: PLEASE send more rain!

I know we lucked out the other week with a decent slug of rain, but we are STILL running behind for the month AND the summer. So far, Atlantic City has seen 0.66″ of rain in August. While we still have 14 days to go, and anything can change, we still need another 2 to 3 inches of rain for the month.

The only location that is running ABOVE normal is Glassboro at 124 percent of rainfall (or 24 percent above normal.) While Atlantic City is slightly below normal, the rest of South Jersey has only seen 40 to 60 percent of normal rainfall in the last 30 days.

Where do we stand when we look at summer rainfall (June through August) over the past 6 years?

So far, 2022 is the driest at only 8 inches of rainfall. The wettest summer occurred in 2020 with 20 inches of rain. Our normal rainfall across South Jersey for the entire summer is around 12 inches, which means we are running anywhere from 4 to 5 inches BELOW normal for the summer.

The Climate Prediction Center calls for near to slightly above normal precipitation in their 8 to 14-day outlook. Moving forward into Autumn, September and October CAN be our wettest months, especially IF tropical activity ramps up. We also see cold fronts that stall along the coast with large areas of low pressure riding along the front, which can bring decent rainfall across South Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic.

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  1. Well If we don’t have any Sevier weather and that means thunderstorms at all then we should be ok with the rain only because everyone needs the rain especially the farmers who grow our fruits and vegetables every day

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