Happy Friday my friend! We made it to the weekend and we kick it off on a nice note. Sunshine returns, unlike yesterday, no scattered snow. We are dry through tomorrow but then all eyes are on Sunday for rain and winds gusting 40-50mph. Highs today top out in the lower 50s. Same deal tomorrow. […]

Happy Thursday! We’ve got cloudy skies, cool and breezy weather on the way yet again…I mean this is pretty typical for December, so get used to it? There is a bit of a weather maker to our northwest that could bring some snow our way later this morning. IF the moisture holds together of course. […]

Happy Tuesday! Today will be very similar to yesterday. A bit cooler though. Highs top out in the lower 40s. Pretty much the same deal over the next couple days. Warming into the 50s for the weekend. Sun and clouds will mix, like yesterday clouds like win out a little more. We keep things cool […]

Sick and tired of where we’ve been! Since Friday afternoon it’s been dull, cloudy and misty. We wake up to similar conditions but as we go into the day things should get better. We wil ltrend towards a partly sunny sky for the afternoon. Highs top out in the lower 50s. The rest of the […]

We wake up to some rain…it may be heavy at times through the morning. Good news? Well, a couple things. We’ve got fog and mist as an issue though the day. Tomorrow will be better. Temps fall into the 40s for most of the week ahead.

Saturday is here and we are looking at some decent weather today. We keep the clouds locked in unfortunately, but I do think there could be SOME hope with pokes of sun here and there. The more sun we see, the warmer the temps will get. Highs nearing 60? Possible. The day is mostly dry. […]

Happy Friday! Isn’t it ironic that we had lots of sunshine alllll week long and then as soon as the weekend gets here…bam! Rain. It’s not going to rain all weekend but we will have several chances of showers. First of three storms rolls in this afternoon and evening. A period of some steady rain […]

Happy Hump Day! If you’re looking for a Wonderful Wednesday…you’re gonna have to just keep on lookin. It’s gonna be another cold one region-wide with temps struggling to get to 40 for most. Winds will stay a bit elevated but less so than yesterday. Some gusts will get to around 20mph. Tomorrow turns warmer. We […]

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got the coldest day in 9 months on tap. Highs top out in the mid to upper 30s and the WIND will be an issue. Gusts out of the west/northwest between 25-35mph. Something that may add a little festive cheer? There’s a chance for a little snow in the afternoon. A shower […]

Happy Monday! Any leftover rain dries up and skies will get brighter. Watch for some minor tidal flooding this morning up and down the islands then again tomorrow morning. It’s bright but windy. Gusts will be out of the west around 20mph. Highs around 50°. Downright winter-like temps the next couple days as we top […]