Happy Sunday! We are looking at pretty much the same type of weather as yesterday. Highs top out in the upper 90s (perhaps a couple 100° highs) on the mainland and middle 80s at the beaches. It’s gonna be a breezy day, especially for the beaches. Water temps vary – 60-ish near AC, 70s through […]

Happy Saturday! Overall? More of the same. Only difference is I believe there may be some pop-up t-storms in the afternoon developing on the sea breeze through the day. Downpours the primary concern. Same with tomorrow. Just keep an eye to the sky and an ear open in the event you hear thunder. Looks like […]

Happy Friday friend! We kick off the hottest part of the heatwave to date today…20 miles west of the Parkway and we are looking at temps in the upper 90s. Real feel temps over 100. The beaches? THE place to be. Temps there in the 80s. Sea breeze still with us. Humid but still much […]

Happy Thursday my friend! It’s literally just more of the same. If you thought the past couple days were hot, you’re in for it again today. Lots of sun, temps in the lower 80s at the beaches, lower 90s on the mainland. Copy and paste. Tomorrow starts a 3 day stretch of the hottest weather. […]

Happy Hump Day, friend! Just like the last couple days it’s gonne be rinse and repeat. Nothing really new or different going on. High pressure still flexing its muscles across the Mid-Atlantic which will continue to pump in heat from the south. We’ve got a LARGE chunk of South Jersey under a Heat advisory but […]

Happy Monday! Alright… Are you ready? Today kicks off a multi-day heatwave that will grip the area. Ugh! Humidity will be on the rise with dew points slowly spiking into the 60s. Today won’t be THAT bad. Around 90 mainland, lower 80s beaches but by mid-week we will really be pumping the heat in. Real […]

Happy Sunday! Did you enjoy yesterday? Good news! More of the same today. We keep the humidity low and overall pleasant conditions locked in. A good amount of sun, some increasing clouds late her perhaps but no precip from those clouds. Lower to middle 80s region-wide. Some flies at the beaches. Tomorrow kicks off a […]

Happy Saturday my friend! Honestly? It doesn’t get much better than this. There’s not really a whole lot to talk about. Sunny, blue skies with highs in the lower to middle 80s. Humidity comes way down. Copy and paste into tomorrow. Perfect weather. Soak up every moment. Hot and humid stuff back by Monday.

It’s finally Friday! Overall we’ve got a nice day…sure, hot and humid and all that jazz, but not bad along the beaches. I was on the back bays yesterday and it was actually pleasant. Similar today. Mainland temps will get to 90. With the humidity it will feel like the middle 90s. We will be […]

Happy Thursday! We are heading towards hot and humid weather for today and tomorrow. Highs on the mainland will top out around 90. Humidity spikes with dew points into the 60s. Partly to mostly sunny skies. Good beach weather, lower 80s up and down the beaches. I am a little concerned for tomorrow afternoon and […]