Good morning! Today will be VERY similar to yesterday pretty much in every way. Morning clouds and fog in spots, quickly clearing for a partly to mostly sunny afternoon. Temps will warm into the 80s the farther west you go…around 70 up and down the coast. We keep that on-shore flow locked in. Rip current […]

Morning fog possible as dew points and air temps line up perfectly. Not everyone will get in on the fog, but I suspect there will be many commutes impacted. Be careful! Low clouds and fog clear for partly sunny skies for the afternoon. You will notice a white haze to the sky as a result […]

Back to the daily grind we go! I think overall outside of a couple hiccups here and there to the south, it was a decent weekend. Hope you enjoyed! Temps today will still be on the cooler side. Middle to upper 60s with the chance of clouds working in off the ocean with the on-shore […]

I hope your weekend was full of fun and relaxation! As we push into this afternoon you’ll notice things are very similar to yesterday. Clouds, some sun, a chance of a passing shower or two to the south. Temps warm into the 70s. The later we go into the day, the better things should get. […]

Today won’t be as bright and beautiful as the past couple days, but it will still be decent. Look for an increase in cloud cover and perhaps by midday, a chance of an isolated shower the farther south you go. Average temps for this time of the year, light breeze. Heading to the beach? Not […]

Happy Saturday! I would highly suggest taking advantage of ALLLLL the sun we’ve got coming our way today. Seriously! I do believe clouds will try to creep in tomorrow AND Monday for a less-than-stellar end of the weekend but it will still be comfortable. Nowhere near as bad as things could have gotten if the […]

Happy weekend!! Where’s the time go?! Feels like we were literally just celebrating the ball dropping in time square, right? Now we are onto the unofficial start to Summer! Look for BEAUTIFUL sunshine today and tomorrow. Both days will feature highs in the upper 60s. Pleasant. We keep the NE flow which helps stave off […]

We are off to a chilly start…again. Like yesterday, we will find ourself in a warmer spot by mid to late morning…but unlike yesterday, we won’t warm THAT much. Temps take a bit of a step back after last night’s cold front keeps pushing eastward. We stay cool through tomorrow before bumping up a bit […]

We’ve got some morning clouds in spots but looking at a partly to mainly sunny afternoon. Temps step back a bit. We end up around 65. Northeast winds 10-15mph, occasionally gusting to 20mph. No rain. That will be the case through the end of the week. The only hiccup I see is this weekend. Still […]

Rise ‘n shine! Back to the daily grind we go with NICE weather. Today is basically a continuation of what we saw yesterday across the region. Tons of sun and comfy temps. We start out in the lower to middle 50s but in short order we rise into the mid and upper 60s. Dew points […]