Happy Sunday! Very similar to yesterday as we’ve got cloudy skies that will win out for the most part. Highs will be cooler, around 50. We’ve got a chance of a couple passing showers. Another few rounds of tidal flooding on the way, perhaps MODERATE flooding Tuesday morning. We’ve got a storm eying us up […]

Happy Sunday! We’ve got clouds and sun mixing for the first part of the day, no big issues. As we go into the AFTERNOON shower chances will increase, especially mid to late afternoon. Temps will be on the cool side, around 50ish. Low pressure slides up the coast giving us the chance of some rain […]

Good morning friend! I can’t tell you how excited I am today…we’ve finally got rain in the forecast. Are you excited too? Here’s the deal: areas of heavy rain will develop through the morning and afternoon. Some folks could end up with 1-3″ while others see under 1/2″. Depends where the heaviest cells set up. Showers linger into tomorrow in some cases. Be safe!

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We are continuing testing – please take a screen shot of the planner so we know if it updates tomorrow morning as well as so we can tell if it updates each time we open the emails.

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Fog in the morning fades to partly sunny skies in the afternoon. Warm and humid. Highs top out around 90. Blah! Rain arrives tonight and lasts into tomorrow morning.

We woke up to morning rain, looks like we will keep the theme of scattered storms and downpours alive through most of the day. This doesn’t mean it’s a washout and it doesn’t mean it will be raining all day… but there WILL be rain on radar at times, especially early. Upper 70s to around 80 for highs. VERY sticky.

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