Roth IRA Distributions: The Reich Report 8-18-22

If you’re not sure what a Roth IRA is, here is a quick recap on Roth vs. traditional IRAs. A traditional IRA can allow for a tax deduction and tax deferred growth until you take the money out. At that time, any withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax. By contrast, a Roth does not […]

Retitle Assets After a Death: The Reich Report 8-22-22

The death of a loved one is obviously a difficult event to endure. It can become all-consuming and often at the expense of other day-to-day matters that need to be addressed. With the death of a loved one, new matters arise that need to be handled as well. There are so many phone calls that […]

Thank You!: The Reich Report 9-15-22

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been sharing my articles with you for over 3½ years now. During that time, we’ve covered everything from Social Security, estate planning, retirement planning, investing, reverse mortgages and everything in between. I have always tried to focus on topics that mattered most to retirees and investors based on conversations […]