Thursday Evening Forecast September 29th, 2022

Clouds thicken up for your Friday, most of the day is dry but by late day we will be watching for Ian’s rains to spread north. Tidal flooding, beach erosion and strong winds all expected. Details here!

Thursday Afternoon Forecast September 29th, 2022

Winds are starting to pick up a bit…temps are comfy, humidity is low so no issues in that department. Winds will be locked in off the ocean for the next few days increasing the chance of tidal flooding and beach erosion. Timing of the rain? Let’s talk.

Thursday Morning Forecast September 29th, 2022

Nice day with some increasing clouds later on. Impact from Ian here in South Jersey is becoming a little clearer. Think low to mid-grade nor’easter. Rain, wind, dull conditions for a few days. Details here!

Thursday Daybreak Forecast September 29th, 2022

Today will be it for our beautiful weather…we cloud up tomorrow and add in some unsettled conditions for a few days. Rain and wind associated with Ian. Looking more likely. Let’s get to the details, here!

Wednesday Evening Forecast September 28th, 2022

Comfortable night ahead without a single issue. Cool and pleasant. Tomorrow looks great but clouds work in on Friday. Looking at the chance of rain on and off through the weekend…a little windy as well. Let’s get into those details, here!

Tuesday Afternoon Forecast September 28th, 2022

What a great day for us here at home. Feels great, looks great… may see some clouds work through but nothing significant. All eyes are on the weekend. Potential for rain and wind, tidal flooding is on the table. Let’s talk about it, here!

Tuesday Lunchtime Forecast September 28th, 2022

Hurricane Ian is set to make landfall in the coming hours and the intensity is increasing. Major storm surge, rain and wind. Let’s talk about where it goes over the next couple days as well as discuss what it means for our area. Details here!

Tuesday Morning Forecast September 28th, 2022

Hurricane Ian is just shy of Cat 5 intensity…it will be making landfall later today as a major hurricane with devastating impacts. Eventually the rain is projected to get into our area by the weekend. Details here!