Sunday Lunchtime Forecast July 21, 2024

We should stay mostly dry throughout this afternoon. I did not completely rule out the chance of storms because of the heat and humidity, but we should overall stay dry. Enjoy it before more rain and storms moves in for the work week. Find out why rain chances are going up, here.

Sunday Shorecast July 21, 2024

Today’s W.T.F Index (Water, Tan & Fly Forecast) Better beach day ahead. Showers will gradually come to an end over the next few hours, and skies will start to clear heading into this afternoon.

Saturday Evening Forecast July 20, 2024

Chances of showers overnight tonight, but looking brighter for tomorrow afternoon! Find out more about tonight’s rain chances and tomorrow weather, here.

Saturday Shorecast July 20, 2024

Today’s W.T.F Index (Water, Tan & Fly Forecast) Increasing clouds and humidity at the beaches this afternoon. But overall, it is not a bad beach day. There is a chance for showers later on in the evening, so get out there earlier before the showers start to work in!