Dry, Cooler, and Beautiful!

Today If today was feeling better for you, just wait for today! High around 87 degrees today with little winds and low dew points! It will feel noticeably drier today, especially with the humid and hot weather we’ve had lately. Barely any clouds today, with bright and beautiful sun. Definitely the best day of the […]

Finally Cooling Off

Today Finally, a day that isn’t reaching the 100s!! The excessive heat warning has finally been lifted off our area, and we will return to normal summer temps for now. Mostly cloudy throughout the day with spurts of sunshine in the afternoon. High of 87 degrees, with light winds from the north. Lingering showers possible, […]

Final Day of the Wave!

Today Once last day to stick out the extremely hot weather! And good news, it will still be slightly cooler than yesterday! Partly sunny with highs in the mid to high 90s, but heat index values up to 106 degrees. Decently windy, with gusts as high as 20 mph. However, we still are under an […]

A Scorcher for the History Books

Today Hot, hot, hot! Today will be mostly sunny with highs between 99 and 100 degrees, and feels-like temps up to 109 degrees! This is THE hottest day of the year so far, and we haven’t seen temps like this since summer of 2012! With that being said, the area is still under an excessive […]

Bring on the Heat: Round 3

Today After a nice little break of comfortable weather and some rain, this week is ready to jump back into the HEAT. What is called a Bermuda High is moving into our area, which is a subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean, per the NWS. This is what will possibly give […]

A Stormy Day for NJ

Today Good morning, and welcome to 80-degree weather! Highs in the mid-80s today, and passing storms all over the area. Some wind between 5 and 10 mph with some high dew points (we will be feeling that strong humidity again). Some of the storms in the area could produce some heavy rainfall, and we are […]

Leaving the Wave, and Entering the Storms!

Today Finally, a break from the heat! After a long few days, we finally can enjoy some cooler temps. Sunny, with highs just around 90 degrees, and heat index values around the same as the actual temperature. Some winds as well, around 10 mph. Lower dew points than the past few days so will feel […]

Surviving the Final Humid and Stormy Day of the Heat Wave

Today One more day of grossly hot weather, and this will be the worst of it. Mostly cloudy today with some sun peaking out in the morning and early afternoon. Highs in the low to mid 90s, with feels-like temperatures reaching up to 106 degrees. Extremely humid, with some of the highest dew points we’ve […]

Blazing Heat Wave Peaks!

Today Another hot one today, with the heat index reaching up to 103 degrees. Partly sunny with highs in the mid to upper 90s. Little winds, with high dew points, making feels-like temps and humidity very uncomfortable. We are currently under a heat advisory for almost the entire state, as you can see in orange […]

South Jersey Sizzles On!

Today Hopefully, everyone had a happy holiday weekend! Unfortunately, we turn into our 3rd day of the heat wave that looks like it will persist for at least the next few days. Today will be hot and sunny, with highs in the upper 90s around Philadelphia, and mid to low 90s near the coast. Light […]