Heavy Rain, Strong Winds & Coastal Flooding Set for Saturday

Here we are at the 11th hour before the storm moves in and impacts us for about 36 hours… no big changes in thinking or in the overall forecast. It’s gonna be a nasty couple days and there’s nothing we can do about that. I’m going to walk you through exactly what we can expect […]

Coastal Storm to Batter Shore; Bring Winds 50mph+

Coastal storm arrives late tomorrow night and will be impactful. No big changes in the overall thinking but some tweaks are certainly in order – and expected. Let’s go over them. TIMING: Still looking at rain moving in sometime late Friday night / Saturday early morning. Scattered at first, heavier as we push into the […]

First Nor’Easter of the Season Arrives this Weekend

First and foremost, while I know the timing absolutely stinks, this will NOT be a major storm for our region. First first one always garners tons of attention and headlines, but let’s be real here – it’s a run of the mill coastal storm that we see a dozen times a year, period. With that […]

Newly Discovered Green Comet Visible in Our Skies!

Comet Nishimura, named after Hideo Nishimura, the Japanese photographer who first spotted it, is a newly discovered comet which is a green in color, half-mile in diameter ball of ice – will reach its closest point to Earth tomorrow morning. Look LOW on the horizon after 5:30am / before the sun rises. Mr. Nishimura captured […]

Rare Super Blue Moon Tonight!

While the moon orbits Earth, occasionally it presents a spectacle that captures the imaginations of stargazers worldwide. One such event is a “Super Blue Moon.” Despite its supernatural-sounding name, this phenomenon is governed by the laws of astronomy and can be readily understood. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes a moon both “super” […]

Understanding Storm Surge: The Silent Killer of Coastal Catastrophes

When extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and typhoons make the headlines, most people immediately think of violent winds and torrential rains. While these elements are undeniably perilous, another equally devastating yet often overlooked phenomenon accompanies these storms: storm surge. What is Storm Surge? Storm surge is an abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a tropical […]

The Weather-Mood Connection: Understanding the Impact of Weather on Mental Health

From the euphoria experienced on a sunny day to the melancholy that often accompanies a stretch of rainy days, the impact of weather on our mood has long been a topic of interest. However, recent research suggests that the weather’s influence extends beyond temporary mood shifts and can significantly impact mental health. This article delves […]

Inferno Unleashed: Extreme Heat, Humidity and the Lurking Health Perils

In a world increasingly dominated by discussions on climate change, global warming, and ever-soaring temperatures, it’s become essential to understand and appreciate the profound health impacts of extreme heat and humidity. These climatic conditions are more than mere inconveniences. They can silently trigger a range of serious health issues, including heart attacks, heat stroke, and […]

The Curious Case of Central New Jersey: Real Place or Just a State of Mind?

Ah, New Jersey! The Garden State, a land of diners, boardwalks, and the eternal feud between North Jersey and South Jersey. Wait, did we forget something? Ah, yes—Central Jersey! The mythical, often disputed territory that has sparked many a debate, road rage, and even social media wars. Is Central New Jersey a real geographical entity, […]

How Accurate IS The 7 & 10 Day Forecast?

In my field I hear it to no end “You have the only job in the world where you can be wrong and still get paid yadda, yadda, yadda”. I think it’s weather apps that give us a bad name because of how much THEY change. Humans are pretty accurate, above 80%! How about the […]