Approaching the End of the Wave


We’re almost done with our spurt of hot conditions! Today will have slightly lower temperatures than predicted, about a few degrees warmer than yesterday. However, the heat index will be between 93 and 98 degrees. We will still keep the heat watch because of the dry conditions which are from the frontal boundary, which is the location between two air masses that are hot and cold, which will be north of our area.

Tonight will be mild and slightly muggy. Clear skies and light variable winds, and temperatures will remain in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

The feels like temperatures for today, reaching the lower 90s.

Next Few Days

Friday will be our hottest day of the heat wave, however, the boundary we mentioned yesterday seems to of picked the cooler option. This means temperatures will be slightly lower than originally predicted, but that does not mean it won’t be very hot!! The heat watch will still remain, and it will still be our hottest day of summer so far. Be prepared! Temperatures will be in the low to mid-90s, with a chance of reaching the high 90s in the city. Because of the feels-like temperatures reaching near 100 degrees, the watch has been advanced to an advisory for tomorrow until nighttime.

Storms for tomorrow still have some uncertainty, depending on where the cold front lays. If storms do happen, they will occur in the afternoon to early evening, and will most likely happen in North Jersey and Eastern PA. These storms have a chance of producing localized flooding, and severe thunderstorms.

The advisory will continue into Saturday and Sunday, but mainly because of the number of days in a row of excessive heat. Humidity will increase from the southerly flow bringing in moisture from the south. The same situation could happen on Saturday as Friday, where there are chances for pop-up storms with the chance of causing flooding. A small cold front is expected to come in on Sunday giving some relief, but the main cold front that will bring down these temps will happen Monday.


Still remaining out of the heat watch, temperatures will be in the 80s at the shore. A seabreeze will also produce, making it feel slightly cooler on the beaches. Light winds will increase into the afternoon, between 10 and 20 mph. Wave height ranging between 2-4ft. Today has a moderate risk of rip currents, especially because of the full moon tomorrow.

Look at the Tropics

The tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico has been named Alberto and has unfortunately wreaked some havoc on Mexico so far.

There is also a group of organized storms that will hit the coast of north Florida or Georgia early Friday morning. These storms are being monitored before they make landfall.

The current activity in the Atlantic right now.

Have a good day, and stay hydrated out there!

-Lexi Dooley

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