Almost Time for the 4th!


Another beautiful day today, with full sun and light to no winds. Highs in the mid-80s, with average dew points. The high-pressure system that has brought the fair weather from yesterday and today begins to move out tonight, which will also cause dew points to rise and cloud cover to increase tonight into tomorrow. Tonight’s highs will be in the low 60s with low winds as well.

Temperatures right now, 11:40 am!

Next Few Days

Finally, the holiday approaches us! As high pressure moves out today, a warm front moves in tomorrow. Partly sunny with highs possibly reaching the 90s. Light winds from the south, and high dew points causing some humidity. Clouds are expected to increase as the day goes on.

The SPC has issued us under a slight and marginal risk for our area tomorrow, so be on the lookout for some passing showers and thunderstorms after 2 pm. These storms could produce heavy rainfall, possibly reaching over an inch in some areas, and have a chance of being severe. With that being said, some models are predicting little to no rain at all, so understand that is also a possibility. The most concerning window to me is between 5 pm and 8 pm, so if anything happens I’d expect it to be in this window. Most storms look most severe in SE/NE PA, and North Jersey. However, there are still some cells popping up in South Jersey and near the coast.

Friday looks similar to Thursday, with sun in the morning and storms expected after 2 pm. Highs are similar to Thursday as well, around 90 degrees, in addition to little winds. Friday night will be humid with a chance of storms.

What to expect for our holiday weekend!

The Shore

Ocean temps reaching normal again, in the upper 60s. Still low wave heights barely reaching 1 ft, along with low rip current risk. Low winds for the morning into the afternoon, then increasing to just under 20 mph. Wave heights should increase to normal, between 2-3 ft, by tomorrow.

Tropical Activity

Hurricane Beryl continues to wreak havoc on Jamaica, and the eye of the storm should reach the Cayman Islands tonight. Maximum sustained winds have reached up to 165 mph as of now but have gone back down from a category 5 hurricane to a category 4.

The group of storms east of the Windward Islands is still active but continues to have a low chance of forming.

Enjoy this amazing day, the holiday is right around the corner!


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