Happy Thursday! So we’ve got a stalled out front overhead today. Early morning clouds, fog and even a passing shower possible. Things improve quickly though as I’m expecting a partly to mostly sunny sky for the afternoon. Highs get into the upper 80s mainland, middle 80s beaches. A touch cooler and a touch less humid.

The latter part changes for tomorrow. Dew points soar right back into the middle to upper 70s. What’s that mean for us in layman’s terms? With the stalled out frontal boundary over us and a wave of low pressure heading north – we will see rain. How much? That will vary based on location. I think there will be pockets of heavier rain at times.

Weather prediction center (WPC) is going with a slight risk of excessive rainfall DUE to the high levels of humidity. It’s not gonna rain all day for everyone across the board, but there will be portions of the day that are wet.

Saturday starts out with some lingering showers. The afternoon looks better. Sunshine back in full force Sunday and we see those temps build right back into the 90s!

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