Happy Friday! Get ready for a REALLY nice day…winds shift out of the northeast which could bring in a few more clouds at times but at least it will FEEL great. Dew points down into the 50s. Very pleasant! As we push into the weekend we see yet another change in the opposite direction. Dew points shoot way up into the 60s and 70s. It will feel VERY muggy.

That mugginess will help stoke the flames for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. It will NOT be a washout of a weekend but we aren’t looking at scattered storms. Hit or miss downpours. Unfortunately it’s one of those impossible situations to pinpoint exactly where they will pop – but they’ll be out there BOTH weekend days.

Highs will be hotter on Sunday with highs getting into the lower to middle 90s. GORGEOUS weather Mon & Tue.

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