Happy Monday! Alright… Are you ready? Today kicks off a multi-day heatwave that will grip the area. Ugh! Humidity will be on the rise with dew points slowly spiking into the 60s. Today won’t be THAT bad. Around 90 mainland, lower 80s beaches but by mid-week we will really be pumping the heat in. Real feel temps will be around 100 west of the Parkway.

The BEACH will be the place to be 100%. No doubt about it. Gorgeous. While mainland communities fry, the islands will feel much better with the afternoon sea breeze kicking in.

On top of the heat and humidity, we’ve got no appreciable rain. We need it bad. We’ve got a deficit of 3 to 4″ region-wide. I just don’t see any big rain at least not over the nex 7 days.

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