Happy Friday! We’ve got sunshine this morning and into the afternoon, but like yesterday we will see high clouds work in through the day. Temps top out in the lower 40s. No issues overall.

As we get into tonight, conditions go down hill. Now, we aren’t talking anykind of insane storm, no big winds, but we’ve got an Arctic wave on the way that promises to bring snow after 10pm. That now will, at times, fall at a good clip.

There is no sun angle to fight…the cold air is locked in ahead of it and no prolonged rain/snow line. So all signs point to accumulating snow.

I think everyone is good for 1 to 3″ but there’s going to be a zone where 3,4,5″ is possible…all comes down to what area sees the most liquid fall from the sky. Snow showers taper off tomorrow morning around 9am.

I’d recommend salting all walkways and parking lots, and have plows on standby.

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