Happy Tuesday! Not a great day out there…very messy overall. Impacts will vary based on your location. NW near Philly we are looking at SOME accumulating snow. I’ve got an area of 2-5″ close to Philly with 1-3″ southeast. Less than an inch if any for the islands. It’s ALL gonna come down to how fast the precip can fall. That’s it. That matters significantly for the changeover. We only have a 5 or 6 hour window for snowfall across the region.

I’ve been leaning consistently well under what forecast models have thrown down because of the factors working AGAINST the storm. I’m confident of where we are. Sunshine breaks out this afternoon, temps get up to around 40.

Moderate tidal flooding on the way this morning. 10a-1p is the window for that. We’ve got winds that will crank 35-45mph (gusts) through the day. Always prep for a little more flooding and hope for less. Worst case 8 to 10″ of water in the streets in the back bay areas.

Lovely for your Valentine’s Day Wednesday, sun is back, cooler – great cuddle weather.

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