Welcome back to the start of the work & school week!! Happy Monday my friend! No big changes in the forecast from where we’ve been, just a little cooler. Cloudy skies will be back after some sun early in the day. Temps will return to the 40s. We are dry for today but that changes tonight.

A storm system working in from the southwest will greet us. Looking like pretty much all rain for SNJ with, maybe, a brief mix to wet snow at the very end tomorrow morning. No accumulations. This was NEVER going to be a snow storm for South Jersey, ever. It’s why I didn’t bite on the southerly trend in the forecast guidance. At one point it had 12″ of snow in our area. NOT in this pattern!

Looks like things OVERALL will be cooler this week, Valentine’s Day looks bright and seasonably cool.

Beyond that we’ve got a few more chances of wintry weather…Winter isn’t dead just yet. A quick-moving wave comes through at some point later this week that could bring some snow, then Presidents’ Day weekend…specifically in the Sun/Mon timeframe. Storm is PUSHED to the south, but as recent history shows us that northerly trend is real, so worth watching.

Tidal flooding continues for our back bays. Day #7 of minor. Tomorrow morning could get to moderate. Coastal Flood Watches upgraded to flood WARNING. 6-8″ of water in the streets in some of those lower laying area? Expect it.

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