Happy Friday! Alright here’s the deal – it’s gonna be a little “toasty” around here. Nothin’ crazy but a break from the colder temps. Middle to upper 50s both today and tomorrow. Sun and clouds mix. Winds will be shifting more out of the south, that pumps those temps up over the next couple days.

There’s a little system that will work through tomorrow, could bring a few scattered showers. Most of the weekend will be dry though.

Cooler weather back early week, then cold by the end of the week.

I’m watching a storm signal for Mon/Tue. While I want to say I’m leaning mostly rain, I can’t ignore the models trending slightly farther south and therefore colder with the solution. There is a chance some wintry weather can work in. I’ll keep an eye on it all.

Whatever kinda precip we see, it doesn’t matter because this storm will pull down cold air and set the groundwork for some storms down the pipeline. Presidents’ Day weekend should be watched closely.

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