Happy Friday! Today will be a day in transition. Sun to clouds, lots of interesting clouds though the day as our coastal storm climbs northward into our area. Temps will be on the cool side, lower to middle 70s. Dew points slowly rise but we should be dry for the most part.

Rain will eye us up later tonight. Rain will pick up in intensity and become wind-driven. Not very nice! Winds will start picking up through the course of the afternoon. NE sustained 15-25mph with gusts 40mph+ overnight into tomorrow.

I continue to believe we will see a lull or dry slot develop tomorrow PM. So not thinking it rains consistently all day. Another round at night.

Tidal flooding is a big concern. Solid moderate. Storm surge of 2.5-3′. High tide occurs at 3pm on the ocean city, so let’s say 4-6pm concerns in the back bays. Looks like ONE big high tide, Sunday’s should be lower.

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