Happy Tuesday! Or as my high school English teacher used to say, Happy Tooooooosday! We’ve got some blah weather on deck for today. Clouds return…the chance of some scattered showers returns as well. Sigh. Not a major deal but annoying. Temps yesterday were nice and toasty region-wide. Guess what? Today we reel it back into the lower 60s. It will feel *cold* for those who enjoyed the outdoors over the past couple days.

We’ve got a frontal boundary that’s down to our south – that’s where I expected most of the showers today…the farther south you go, the better the chance of rain. Have an umbrella handy. High pressure builds in for tomorrow and the rest of the week putting us back into a very good position!

With the chance of rain today around 30-40%…what exactly DOES it mean? I wrote an article to break it all down for ya because I’m sure it’s a question that pops into your mind from time to time. Have a great day!

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