Happy Thursday!! Can you make it through ONE more day of this unsettled pattern? I think so!! I know it’s been a hard week but we will slowly crawl out from under the rock we’ve been placed in. We STILL have that upper level feature so at times skies will be cloudy and we are STILL looking at the chance of an isolated shower or two. It gets farther away through the course of the day though.Tomorrow is a day in transition. Sure there’s still the outside chance of a shower but OVERALL it should be nicer. Brighter. The good news in all of this is we FINALLY break that rainy weekend trend that I feel like has been with us since the start of the year! Sunshine, warmer temps over the weekend (yay!)Moral of the story: Have that umbrella handy through tomorrow but you’ll be able to ditch it this weekend. Winds look light. We trend in a more pleasant direction.

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