Tuesday will see a bit of light wet snow in the mid and late morning, with some light rain (possibly mixed with wet snow) during the afternoon, with temps climbing to around 40 or 41 degrees (a slushy quarter inch of snow on grassy surfaces is possible). Winds will be out of the south around 10 mph.

Tuesday night will be partly cloudy with lows in the mid-upper 20s. Wednesday will see thickening afternoon clouds with highs in the upper 30s. A mix of snow, sleet and rain will be moving in by, or shortly before, Wednesday evening, changing to sleet and freezing rain overnight.

With lows around 30 or in the lower 30s. Sleet and freezing rain will continue through Thursday morning, possibly mixing with rain by afternoon with highs around 36. A couple of inches of snow, and over a tenth of an inch of ice, is possible by Thursday morning.

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