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NorEasterNick with Burlington Press :: Print & Marketing.

1 hour 24 minutes ago

Wet Roads

7.22 10PM
The ride into work tomorrow morning will probably be dry with just some stubborn clouds hanging out overhead, but the roads might be wet due to some late-night rain.


NorEasterNick with Nesevich Law, LLC.

1 hour 54 minutes ago

Numbers Wise This Week is Actually Perfect

7.22 9:30PM
The highs and lows are right where they are supposed to be for this time of year. Of course, we feel ALOT warmer due to all the humidity and sticky muggy conditions. If we could've gotten these temps with lots of sunshine this could've been one of the nicest weeks of the summer.


NorEasterNick with Reich Asset Management, LLC.

2 hours 24 minutes ago

Hit Repeat on Today

7.22 9PM
Tomorrow will be almost a carbon copy of today. Pretty much the same temperature-wise with highs in the mid to upper 80s. Very humid and muggy, and there's again a chance for some showers and thunderstorms.


NorEasterNick with LEH Soap Company.

3 hours 24 minutes ago

Natures Sound Machine

7.22 8PM
Don't you just love falling asleep to the sound of rain? We'll see some of that tonight as the scattered showers will continue into the evening. It won't be raining nonstop, but some showers will be drifting in.


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