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NorEasterNick with Storybook Land.

17 minutes 53 seconds ago

Some Soggy Seats But OK Weather-wise

7.12 8PM
If you wanted to head outside and sit by the firepit tonight rain will be done and over with so you're all good to go! However, you might want to bring a towel out with you to wipe down your seat because anything that was out there today will still be wet.


NorEasterNick with Tilton Square Theatre.

47 minutes 47 seconds ago

Happy Friday! Some spots have only seeing a quick trace of rain while others have picked up over 4 inches today! If you missed out on the rain today don't worry! Some more activity is on the way for early tomorrow and then it wraps up by lunchtime. Sunday looks dry but once again very hot and humid.


53 minutes 26 seconds ago

Be sure to dry your feet walking into stores! Don’t end up like this guy.


1 hour 3 minutes ago

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